These blankets are in a taper shape with fins at the bottom, and are designed to be tucked around your legs so you look like a mermaid sitting on a couch. Other versions are a large cocoon, which you can slip your legs into. There are hundreds of versions for adults and kids, plus baby cocoons and patterns for dolls. Most patterns are crocheted, although a few are knit.



Some of the mermaid blankets have basic stitch patterns, while others have stitches such as the crocodile stitch or shells so they look like scales.

m4Imagine those nights when it is just so cold and all you want to do is snuggle up in a blanket. Now you can watch your favorite TV show or catch up with that book you’ve been dying to read, all the while being toasty warm!  This crocheted mermaid tail blanket is ideal for keeping your legs nice and warm as it is sealed on the end ensuring that your temperature will be just right.


Get one of these warm, and really fun, mermaid blankets here in time for winter!

Enjoy your beautiful blanket!