A bit of retail therapy is wonderful for the soul. Your bank balance may not always agree with you. Rather than argue with it, figure out the best way to get your shopping fix without getting in trouble with the bank manager.

One way to get the wardrobe of clothes that you want (without going into the red) is to become a devout follower of trends and shopping patterns. Get your calendar out so that you can create your own shopping schedule.

There are certain times of the year when clothes, across the board, go on sale. If you know exactly when this will be, you can make sure that you are ready to attack those shops and make a killing in savings!

This only works if you’re a great organizer and planner. Do you already know you’re an extreme impulse shopper? Having to wait until the sales happen may not be for you.

The Best Time Of The Year To Shop

In general the best time to shop for a bargain is off season for whatever you’re shopping for. Want new summer clothes? Shop for items during the winter. Need new winter clothes? You know what’s coming, shop during the summer. Stores want to get rid of off-season items in order to make room for the fresh new season lines. The result is typically a drastic cut in the original price.

Another benefit of shopping off season is that all the faddy clothing will have disappeared, leaving the staple items of clothing that will tend to stay in fashion much longer than one season.

The Best Days of the Week to Shop

If you want to be sure to pick up some great bargains, there are particular days of the week that should give you more options. The best days to go shopping are at the beginning of the week. The weekend is the time to avoid because there will be too many people fighting over the same things. Earlier in the week, it’s quieter and you have the opportunity to see what’s on offer and if it truly is a bargain.

Black Friday – The Ultimate Shopping Day for Budget Shoppers

If you don’t mind the queues and the craziness, then Black Friday is definitely a date to mark in your calendar. Plenty of stores will open up extra early. The best thing to do is to find out if your favorite store is opening early, take a look around to see which items in particular you want to buy and get to the store as early as possible.

While not ideal for all clothes, it is a good time to pick up things that you’ll wear for years: coats, blankets and bedding, scarves and accessories, and jewelry.

Keep your eye on the prize and try not to get too carried away and you’ll be sure to walk away with a good deal of clothing that costs less than the original price tags. You’ll have more clothes, more often, for a lower price.

Every Day with Auctions and Daily Deals

All of the above is great advice, if you have patience and time to wait. It’s also a better recipe for in-store shopping. As online selling as evolved so has online sales. Now, retailers will do Flash Sales, momentary sales that last a few hours sent out via email. Even if you aren’t an the email list, if you follow deal sites it will pop up in their feeds.

Another form of a Flash Sale are daily deals. These can happen on any given day, so you don’t want to use the same pattern you would for checking in store by not going on the weekend. Instead the strategy is to check sites that have to work harder to get your attention, by offering better deals, because they are new or aren’t thought of as fashion sites.

A really good example is ebay. If you don’t already do it, . Auctions aren’t as certain as sales, it all depends who else is bidding, but if you know the value of the item and work the auction process you can score some amazing bargains.

Ebay also has a section dedicated to fashion deals, which many people don’t know about. You can find them here. Are there also auctions on clothes, bags and shoes? Sure, you can find them. But the fashion deals change often, and give you a better snapshot instantly of the best deals on the site.