Lip crayons are fun and cute. It’s not your go-to for a big night out or when you want to shine with glamor. But for a casual day out? Perfect!

They look like oversize Crayolas, so the act of putting them on primes you for a fun day where you don’t take anything too seriously. Not that everyone feels this way. For those who think lipstick is ‘old-fashioned’, this is quickly becoming their daily lip wear.

The editor’s at Fashionista recently called out one of their favorites:

For the past couple of years, I’ve used Sisley Paris’s Phyto-Lip Twist in Pinky as my go-to base shade. I use it year-round, but the color — a violet-ish pink — is particularly good for spring and summer. I’ll admit, it’s not the longest-lasting product I’ve tried, but it leaves the prettiest flush on your lips even after it fades. As far as lip crayons go, Sisley Paris’s can justify its $50 price tag.

Last we look it comes in 14 different shades, available at Nordstrom’s online (with free shipping as a plus).