There’s a fine art to shopping for clothes on a budget. When you have the right tools you should be able to get exactly what you need, without paying full price.

Here are just a few ways in which you can reduce your clothes shopping budget without ruining your bank balance or your fun.

Start Collecting Discount Shopping Vouchers

If you are a savvy shopper, you know that many clothes stores like to use different gimmicks to lure customers into their shops. One way is to offer money off vouchers or coupons. Search for sites online that have the stores you’re interested in and start collecting them by saving them on your computer.

When it’s time to go shopping, open your folder with the coupons and check the expiration dates and small print. Also check stores that do price-matching, in case what you’re looking for is carried in several place. Nobody is going to turn away a paying customer, if you tell them you’ll go over a few blocks and shop at a competitor.

Go In Store

Many stores have a newsletter or magazine where they publish a batch of coupons. Always be sure to pick up your copy and have a look through, or go on their site and sign up for the newsletter. There’s a trend where some are offering “Flash Sales”, that only happen for a few hours. If you go and buy online during the sale, you can pick up some good discounts depending on the item.

Sign Up For A Store Discount Card

This is a tried-and-true practice. Most stores have their own credit card that will give you special discounts for using their card when you buy. If you decide to use the option, try to combine the card discount with a sale discount. Most stores will let you combine the two.

If you go to a store, first take a look around the store and see if there are any items of clothing or shoes that you actually want or need. If you are just shopping for shopping’s sake, then make sure the savings really justifies the buy.

The second thing is that when you make your purchase on the card, you must pay the balance off as soon as possible. It’s a good idea to make your purchase and pay for it the next day. That way you won’t incur any extra charges or fees. As soon as you start paying interest, it’s no longer a good deal.

You’re using the card just for a discount, not to buy things you can’t afford. If the money isn’t in your bank account, don’t buy it.

Look Online For Deals

Shopping online is much easier than walking into each store. For online discounts, there are coupon and vouchers sites, as well as cashback sites. Print out the vouchers that look good, or save them, and sign up to the cashback sites that link to online clothing stores that you normally shop at. By visiting these stores through the cashback site links, before you start shopping, you can make some great savings. It usually takes around 2 months for you to receive the cashback money but this is a great way to stack on the savings for things you were going to buy anyway.

Daily Deals

It’s good to compare what you get at cashback sites, to what you get on sales. With competition heating up online the new trend are flash sales, that can last only a few hours, to daily deals on select items.

Many times what you save on these limited-run, daily deals, is much more than you would with cashback sites. It’s worth comparing them.

While there are many sites for unique fashion deals, for any staples in your wardrobe Amazon has been growing the selection of what’s available. They even have a special curated list of ‘beautiful things’, where they offer deals on jewelry, clothes, bags – you know, all the beautiful things we love!

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